Imagine a career in music, film, media or gaming.

As a 数字媒体管理 major, you’ll explore how the business world has become a digital one. 音乐, 电视, 电影, media 和 gaming have all been transformed by technology, 和 these growing sectors of the economy need professionals who underst和 digital marketing, 经济学与管理学, 会计, 项目管理. 

And there’s no better city to major in 数字媒体管理 than Austin. 这个城市的游戏产业正在发展, 我们有几家著名的工作室, 许多学校都雇佣来自圣. 爱德华作为实习生.


Complete your BA in 数字媒体管理 和 Master's Degree (MSDGMA) with our pathway to receive two degrees in five years.

成功的教练学术顾问 guide students through undergraduate 和 graduate courses to maximize benefits.


数字媒体管理 majors go on to a variety of careers 和 graduate schools from St. 爱德华的. 这里有一个例子.

  • 奥斯汀脸谱网的合作伙伴经理
  • Recipient of a full scholarship to the journalism master’s program at Syracuse University
  • 人民基金的教育专家, a nonprofit that supports small businesses with coaching 和 loans
  • Gerson Lehrman Group的高级合伙人, a technology platform that connects professionals with expert mentors 和 consultants in their fields
  • Interactive marketing manager at Warner 音乐 in Nashville
  • 政府统计处的社会专员&M, an Austin agency whose clients include Southwest Airlines, the PGA Tour 和 Walgreens


Explore your options — classes, internships, research 和 study abroad. 使用 数字媒体管理专业指南 找到你感兴趣的东西, 发现你的所爱, 和 create a major experience that jumpstarts your future. 


遵循 Stephen Reyes ’21, a 数字媒体管理 和 Internal Business major, as he studies abroad at the university’s flagship international partner university in Angers.


我们在奥斯汀的位置, 德州, 蓬勃发展的科技中心, puts 数字媒体管理 students in the perfect position to interact with business leaders in the tech or startup industries.


比尔·蒙迪商学院 offers a roster of local partnerships where students can get their foot in the door 和 gain h和s-on experience in the field – Austin Inno, 奥斯汀技术委员会和编程女性, 举几个例子.


西南偏南(SXSW 科技会议及艺术节, brings innovation 和 industry leaders to Austin each March. Students can volunteer or attend 和 gain access to global thought leadership in their industry.


每年, several 数字媒体管理 students attend conferences to present their research findings 和 network with digital professionals. Some have even received funding to attend conferences through 市场营销 EDGE.


Innovation happens in the digital world — 和 we’re watching it unfold real-time. 在现场变焦会议, students in Principles of Digital Media with Associate Professor of 创业 David Altounian will discuss 和 debate current events through the lens of class materials 和 end the semester having learned something new 和 (often) mind blowing.