We live in a highly visual world, where we encounter thousands of images every day.

Stand out from the crowd with a background in 视觉研究, which will equip you to solve visual problems with creativity and sensitivity. Leverage your interests in art, design, photography and typography. Bring your creative side, and your talent for clear communication, to the workplace. 社交媒体经理, 市场营销人员, entrepreneurs and anyone who’s developing visual messaging can benefit from the skills you’ll learn in this minor.

For more information about the 视觉研究 minor, please contact 玛丽Brantl, associate professor of 艺术历史. The 视觉研究 minor is part of the Department of 视觉研究.

视觉研究 student standing in front of artwork.


Students who wish to earn a 视觉研究 minor must take the following coursework, 共计18小时, with at least 9 hours of upper-division coursework. This includes these required courses:  


  • 视觉研究I
  • Topics in 艺术历史 (ARTS 3349)


  • 基金会艺术 & 设计
  • 模拟摄影I
  • 排版我

Take six hours (themes must vary):

  • 视觉研究 Minor Studio
  • 视觉研究主题

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